Cosmetic dentistry

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  • Helping you decide what’s right for you

    We’re qualified to provide the latest cosmetic and therapeutic dental treatments. If you've not considered tooth whitening, smile makeovers or other cosmetic work before then talk to us and we can help you decide what’s right for you. Our range of treatments includes:

    • Recontouring and bonding colour-matched white restorations to reshape your teeth
    • Enlighten™ tooth whitening
    • Non-metallic crowns and fillings
    • Cosmetic veneers to improve your smile
    • Implants to replace missing teeth
    • All aspects of cosmetic dentistry, including full smile makeovers.


    We always look for the minimally invasive solution — the one that retains as much of your healthy tooth tissue as possible. This means that crowns and veneers may not be the only or best solution for you, but we can help you make the right choice.